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We are a global business group founded in 1992 with the aim of providing multiple services in the Middle East and European countries regarding Educational Services, Business Consultation, Real Estate Investment, Tourism and more.

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Educational Services
We were acknowledged as the best Educational agency of Turkish Universities in 2015/2016 and 2016/2017! We have partnerships with Turkish institution’s universities and we recruit international students for them.
Business Establishment
OK TAMAM has a large group of professional legal accountants and consultants who will assist you in starting your business in Turkey and completing all procedures. Our team will also assist in drafting your contracts, review them with you, and advise you as well.
Trading Services
تقدم مجموعة اوكي تمام خدمة توفير السكن الطلابي بالقرب من الجامعة أو المعهد بما يتناسب مع الطالب فنستطيع توفير شقة منفصلة للطالب أو غرفة منفصلة أو غرف مشتركة حسب إمكانيات الطالب المادية

About Us

We build multinational businesses that seek uniqueness and success. According to thorough needs analysis, we carry out direct import and export of products in demand. In addition to that, we provide professional, legal advice and support to companies/business people who are willing to do commercial transactions with Turkey, and intend to have branches in Turkey and other actions in order to depth their business in Turkey. Today, we are a leader in educational consultancy and represent the most reputable universities in Turkey, Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Libya, Yemen, Kuwait, Iraq, Qatar, India, Pakistan, and Singapore. We are currently in Kuwait, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India and other Gulf countries. We assist students from many countries such as Germany, USA, Canada, England, Hungary, Italy, Austria, etc. besides students from Arab states to get their admission from various academic departments of Turkish universities.

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